Consecrate Human Temple

We need to build more human temples to descend Divine Energy into mother earth, for which we have to ascend our Muladhara Agni to above our Sahasrara. We have to ascend our hidden Supreme Kundalini Shakthi to the above head and tap Cosmic Shiva and descend back into the human body and mind to manifest and express Divine qualities. Our mind has fallen from the knowledge of the supermind (God's Mind), but it has all the credibility still surviving in it. (physics law states energy cannot be destroyed). Even though it is said that the human mind is limited, yet the force it can gather is unthinkable when it starts merging into cosmic Consciousness. In the process of merging into its Soul, it starts remembering its own power. It can unfix the fixed purpose of things.

Enliven Siddhahood

It is time the world takes every step to Enliven Siddhahood. It is needed more than ever. There are different levels of the status of the Shivam Consciousness. Hence there are also different levels of transformation.

First is the mental (Buddhi/Higher Mind) transformation, in which the sadhaka is in contact with the Divine through the individual soul consciousness. At this status, the sadhaka realizes his existence as a separative conscious Being, beyond birth or death. He realizes that he is Soul Consciousness.

Second is spiritual Consciousness, where the sadhaka merges and mingles into the Cosmic Consciousness as a Single Ever-Living Consciousness (Advaita/Divine Oneness).

Third and final is the status of Siddhahood in which all becomes Supremely Shiva in the Divine Siddha Consciousness (Total Completeness). It is only with the last that there can begin the complete transformation of life, mind, and body in Siddha Completeness's sense.

Gratitude and Care for Mother Earth

There is a Soul that has extraordinary wisdom, compassion, and extreme spiritual power. And that is our "BELOVED MOTHER EARTH".

She is like any one of us.

She is a conscious, living, breathing entity with feelings and thoughts.

She has sacrificed her body so that we can live here. The beauty of the natural world around us is self-revealing. Mother earth is the source of life, nourishment, and learning and provides everything we need to live Happily.

She is Extremely Advanced due to her beauty of being a great SOUL working tirelessly.

She is such a mother who never complains, although, with all the harm we are doing to her with our everyday pollution, she gets hurt so much with our nuclear experiments. Yet she serves us.

Let us do a small part by radiating LOVE energy in gratitude to MOTHER EARTH. Our daily prayers by merging into our Soul Consciousness, and our Chakra Sadhana, these actions of prayers spread very positive energy to MOTHER EARTH. This is the least we can do for all that she did; she is and shall be doing for us. When we spread this fantastic truth of her Divine Scarifies, the Siddhas said we can help her in the limitation she now suffers.

We owe her everything and have done very little even to say thank you. Suppose there is an opportunity to serve her in any way we can and do it without hesitation. One of the most excellent ways to help her is to spread Positive Love Energy in your seats of Meditation.