An Intimate Relationship with Sadashiva


We have to have an intimate relationship with our Soul. The more we are in an inward intimacy relation, one can see hues, sparkling colours of one's Soul. One can know the true meaning of Love and what is the feeling of "Falling in Love". The intimate relationship with your Soul will lead you to experience the most enticing of touches, which the external skin touch can ever enjoy. Such deep-rooted merging into oneness with Shiva expresses Love temptingly and attractively to a sincere Sadhaka to experience and realize True Captivating Love.

In the higher level of Sadhana, a Sadhaka becomes an artist. We can bring into an object that is within ourselves. We can transmute vision and reveal visions. Shiva can take any form as how you wish if you know how to enter into the abyss of Divine Shakthi's Light particles found within every atom in you. One has the power to call for Him to appear. This Tantra is called Shaktispandana. This in-depth Siddha process is possible only when you have an intimate relationship with Sadashiva.

The Power within to Change Conditions


We have the power within us to change conditions in our lives that we are not happy with.

Higher energy power will consume and transform lower ones.

Energy Particles can take formations as per the vibrations that are placed in one’s field of Consciousness.

We have to transcend from our surface consciousness and own our hidden Shakthi that is sleeping. We have to take advantage of the Shakthi that is imprisoned within our nature. We can do that by following specific rules within the Soul that is trying to reveal itself to us. By giving in to our ordinary Consciousness, we fall away from both nature and the Shakthi within us. By transcending our ordinary Consciousness, we can immediately fulfill Her most vital inspiration, achieve all Her possibilities and raise us and introduce us to our more profound layers of a more robust and intelligent self.

We have first to realize Shakthi and then become Shiva, our True Higher Self. Shiva's intention on humanity must be served by first raising our nature to that of Shakthi. That rising process of nature is what we call Kundalini in Tantra Sastra. So let us not look down upon one's lower nature; instead, let us awaken one's Soul power nature by transmuting energy on the sleeping serpent. She can empower us to break free from matter and embrace her surge of Life-Force found at the base of the spine at the Muladhara as Divine Kali; we have to possess and embrace Her. Our Karmic vibrations are also Her; we can convert all negative vibrations to Divine by Her Grace and Power. Only she knows what is Unconditional Love since She is Unconditional; let us not give any conditions to Her. Let Her Glide and Dance through us through Her waves of Beauty, Soundarya Lahari She is.

Divine Mother Kali is here to perfect us both in the world and our other Deeper Layers of Consciousness. The surface consciousness that has not been awakened by Her Grace will always be doomed with fear and weariness to the outside world, as there is always a lack of power. Hence, we must celebrate our human Consciousness by awakening the sleeping serpent, the Kundalini Shakthi. First, we need to recognize that we are Shakthi and worship the human body as Shakthi's abode. Once we establish ourselves in this Truth, She will take over and come in front. The tantra of ascension of kundalini is the method of Transmutation of Energy.