Yoga Shakthi (Beloved Divine Mother Kundalini)

Yoga Shakti

Profound Wisdom of Divine Mother according to the Mulavarga Parampara

We are all awakened to the Truth, and this is the Truth of all Truth, every one of us is already awakened. If we are not awakened, we wouldn't have taken this Human Birth. The next evolution of all Humans is to evolve into Light of Compassion. This is the Ideology of Siddhas and we stand firm. This approach itself gives full confidence that Enlightenment is one's Birth Right.

Two forces are working in us:

  • The Divine. (Shiva) (Cosmic Intelligence)
  • The Divine's Force called Yoga Shakthi. (Shakthi) (Energy)

The Divine that we call Shivam is the one that brought you from the Stillness Silence. The manifestation of your body from the unmanifest. The Divine entered and manifested Himself into the body, mind, and senses. Hence, we are all awakened.

There is another force of the Divine, that we call Shakthi, accompanies the growth of the new consciousness (The so-called individual you are). This Yoga Shakthi starts perfecting the new Consciousness. The Divine, to manifest into a body, has to limit itself. Hence, we call this evolution. The same Divine while limiting itself, has coiled all its power and is asleep in all the centers of our inner being. This Divine, when it is coiled and sleeping, is called the Maha Maya Shakthi the Kundalini.

The Siddhas name her as Yoga Shakthi. The same Divine is also above our head as Divine (Shiva), but not coiled or asleep, but awakened and potent. It is always there awakened but waiting to manifest. Therefore we have to bow down to the Power of the Yoga Shakthi at the base so that it can entice the Divine through Her Sound and make the Divine thrust through Her, so that it can manifest the full power of the Divine-Shiva in each of the inner centers that we own.

When we have made this awakening of the Yoga Shakthi, and through which the already awakened Divine starts manifesting itself throughout our body, and it can do everything the personal mind cannot do. The Yoga Shakthi, when it gets the touch of Shiva in Her, She will break away all that, that is not Shiva in the body and mind. She will remove all the debris that is blocking you to be Enlightened. She will keep rising until She brings you to the Wideness of the Above Head Consciousness. She establishes the lowest in us and the Highest in us as One Single Existence.

Devi Kundalini is the other Part of Shiva

Divine Mother

Shivam is the Living Thing in us which supports all the rest, the Source of all the rest, which survives birth and death. This Shivam has two forms one is at the head, the other at the base. In the head, it is Jivathma (our True being); this is the source from which we are aware when Self-Realisation takes place. At the base, it is as a psychic being standing behind the entire manifestation in life and supporting it, and She is Mother Kundalini in the Muladhara.

Divine Mother at the Muladhara is a portion of Shiva but in its full dynamic state and its pure essence of Shiva. The most vital part that a sincere seeker must know is that the Jivathman lives in this essence and can merge itself in identity with Shiva. Thus, the awakening of the Kundalini through sincere focused meditation through Chakra Sadhana will and must make you a Self-Realised Soul.

The Sadhaka must feel like a child, or like supreme bhakta, or an extreme, uttermost Lover (This is the most intense) of this Shakthi at the Muladhara and all other Chakras. So that you can become the essence of Her Dynamism. So that your merging with Shiva becomes delightful.

Divine Mother in you, when awakened, would take over you entirely in your uttermost inner being. The rising through the Sushumna is the purification process of the human body and mind and also is the ascent of the consciousness from and through the different levels to join the Higher Consciousness.

She can speak with you through Sound Energy that can be heard within you. She can teach all techniques to enter into the Sushumna and give you the Divya Lochana (Divine Brilliant Eyes) to see all Invisible Beings and the travel path process before entering in the Shiva Linga found inside the head. You can be conscious of the entire merging process with Shivam Shankaram.

You would need a thousand inner Eyes to experience Her majesty. A thousand eyes are the Sahasrara Chakra when it is opened fully. Divine Mother is a Perceptible Divine Cosmic Beauty when your Inner Eyes are Opened through Kundalini Awakening.

That will be the first time you will know the true meaning and experience of Joy and Bliss.