TRUST and SURRENDER to Her in your Chakras

We have to get rid of so many elements that are in a vital part of ours. The vital part of ours is the subtle elements that constitute the mind with its numerous impressions in the form of images carried upon in it unconsciously, which we call thoughts when it surfaces at the conscious level of the mind.

Cleanse and heal your body and mind through your Chakra Sadhana. Chakra Sadhana is essential for establishing the Inner Consciousness in oneself. The opening of Chakras is essential in the purification of the body and mind for the individual soul to spread out into Cosmic Consciousness and to touch the Universal Self. This is a usual course, but sometimes the process can be rapid depending on the intensity of the Sadhana.

The more one spreads and expands into higher Consciousness, the more the body and mind are possessed of the Supreme and fulfilling itself as the Supreme. At this stage, the Sadhaka can sense as though all the trillions of cells receive light at one go establishing Harmony and Bliss.

Open your Chakras through daily Sadhana and merge into the Divine and the Divine Mother. You must focus on allowing the Divine to influence your entire body and mind while doing the sadhana with the foothold of bringing Her Mantra to each chakra to replace all older patterns and replace it with Her love, Power, and Beauty.


Chakras of the Tantric System

Sahasrara Chakra


Sahasrara commands the higher thinking mind. It has thousands of violet petals. The seat of innermost consciousness (Antarathman) and Guru chakra is also situated there, and just a little below is also the Surya mandala. The core of Union of Jiva and Shiva.

Ajna Chakra


Ajna governs the dynamic mind, will, vision. It has two indigo petals. Mind, intellect, ego, although in different chakras but closely connected with Ajna. It is the brain's light, a direct link to supreme consciousness, and reveals the direct vision of one's soul's power.

Vishuddha Chakra


Visuddha governs the expressive mind. It has sixteen blue petals and rules the space element, the center of hearing, the speech principle, the power of growth and expansion in consciousness. Shakini is the Divine Shakthi.

Anahata Chakra


Anahata governs the emotional being. It has twelve green petals and rules the air element and the center of touch principle, the seat of Jivathma, and the power of Compassion. It is also the power of Sangalpashakthi (Wish Fulfilment). Kakini is the Divine Shakthi.

Manipura Chakra


Manipura governs the more significant higher vital. It has ten yellow petals and is the center of sight, the principle of higher thinking, and the threshold to enter into one's more heightened state of existence that rules the fire element. Lakini is the Divine Shakthi.

Swadhisthana Chakra


Svadhistana governs the lower vital. It has six petals of vermillion color and is the center of taste, pleasure principles and rules the water region. In this chakra lies Rakini Shakthi, which is one of the forms of Kundalini Shakthi.

Muladhara Chakra


Muladhara governs the physical down to the subconscious. It has four red petals and is the center of smell. In this chakra lies Dakini Shakthi's power, which is in the nature of Will-Consciousness and action. All these are in the Earth region.