Aiyya Anbe Arunachalananda

Pranayama At the age of 25, Guruji went through a shock wave when his best friend committed suicide, which left him in painful grief, confusion, and despair. The struggle to understand how such a thing could happen to him made him quit his job as a naval sailor and got himself to search for truth on death, which brought him to India to pursue.

Inner Transformation

His spiritual work to understand death has also initiated towards the realization of the secrets of the creation that demanded full attention. Hence, he took up a life of Tapasya, and then he connected with his Living Guru - Sri Sivapremanandaji, got initiated into the order of Siddha Tradition. From then on, Guruji began to perform a higher level of Tapasya (Intensified Inner Revelation), which gave him higher intuitive power to break the encrypted work of his Siddha Master Sri Thirumoolar which brought Light to his search of deathlessness.

Established his Vision

Since then, he has been working towards the vision of the Siddha tradition, which advocates the well-being of Mother Earth and shifting the perception of the younger generation towards high thinking and high living. Guruji's vision is also to make every Indian to vibrate divine cosmic sound through Yoga sadhana. Guruji is equipped with intense Sadhana method that can transform prisoners into a fresh new identity. Above all, the death sentence of a fellow human being must be made to understand better of its invisible consequences for both the dead and the living.

Reception by Ancient Lineage

Guruji's Siddha methodology that belongs to the ancient tradition of the Mulavarga Siddha Lineage applies to bring about harmony and self- correction to the human body, mind, and life. The core teachings are that All Beings are united in that one Self and Soul. We can vibrate Love and Healing to the entire Creation for Peace, Love, and Harmony.


Guruji assures that it is very much possible to realize and experience this Divine Oneness of one's Higher Soul Consciousness by a particular psychological discipline that deals with Transpersonal Psychology specific with the Siddhas. This practice could remove the veil of separative consciousness and become aware of, and own the True Self that is Shiva, which is within us and all. The Siddha teaching states that this One Being and Consciousness that we term as Shivam (All-Perfection) is involved here in Matter. The consciousness entrapped in Matter by birth in life can be released from entrapment through specific sadhana with certain psychological discipline. Once released, it is self-impelled to grow higher and higher to enlarge and expand into developing greater perfection and finally attain its full realization. At this stage, the perfected intelligence and power influence the mind, body, and life and further spreads healing energy to Mother Earth and humanity as a whole.

According to Guruji, the Siddhas believe that a conversion has to be made in every human. The mind has to change into a higher principle by fine- tuning of Shiva’s Consciousness. This unique Yoga method in which Guruji is a master is found throughout the ancient Siddhas of Mother India.

The first process in Siddha Yoga is to open the different range of this inner Being and to live in it, governing his outward life through this inner Light. The seeker, at this point, doesn't live in the surface mind. In doing so, he discovers his pure Soul and its power, which is not the mixture of the outer mental of physical elements. The more he lives in this inner consciousness, the more he realizes the reality behind them as a spark from the One Divine, at present, working as the seeker. The seeker learns the various movements of the Divine and learns how to live in the Soul level and purify all other parts of the body, mind, and life. Then he can follow the second step, an opening upwards to the descent of a higher principle of the Being.

The ancient siddha sadhana is necessary for opening the mind to an excellent wideness to sense the Self and Infinite. Therefore, Guruji is determined to use this older system without compromising with the new age seekers. The combination of the old system, which anchors the Soul into the heart way of devotion, love, and surrender, plays a crucial role in holding one's will to stay in search of truth than the usual approaches that many do with the surface mind. The whole being has to be transformed so that the seeker can respond when the Divine Light is ready to descend in him.

Experiential Teaching is his identity

In this discipline, the inspiration of the master, his control (under challenging stages), and his presence are indispensable, and therefore Guruji is very particular on this. Thus, he will be watching and guiding the seekers daily, making sure they reach the Goal of the ascension of consciousness. Guruji stands firm that a master is one who has risen to a Higher Consciousness and is often regarded as its manifestation itself.

This is Aiyya Anbe Arunachalananda's experiential teaching methods of practice of the ancient Mulavarga Parampara of Kailasha that is currently being spread to a group of seekers. In the past, this Yoga has been attempted by drawing one's self away from the world and disappearing into the Self or Consciousness. However, the Siddhas emphasizes that a descent of the Higher Principle is possible not merely to release the spiritual Self out of the world, but in the world for the use of the whole humanity.

This process would lead to a transformation in understanding and replacing one's limited knowledge and begin to perceive the world by supreme mind consciousness. Such transformation will be an instrument for the inner Self to enable human beings to find themselves grow out of their 'still-animal-humanity' into a divine-human race.

This psychologically deep penetrating Yoga employs various meditation practices to that end by opening all parts of the being to a transformation through the merging process of the Soul to the Cosmic principle and to descend it into life.

Nevertheless, this cannot be done at once or in a short period by any miraculous transformation. Various steps have to be taken by the seeker, and hence daily Sadhana (Meditation Practices) is paramount in Guruji's teachings. Human lives mostly in his surface mind, life, and body, but there is an inner being within him with more significant possibilities to which we have to work towards and also to awaken it. Only through this awakening of the inner nature, the seeker is pushed to a constant pursuit of higher wisdom, power, and harmony in life.