Ancient Siddha Wisdom

Mulavarga Lineage Lineage means Sampradaya; it relates to a succession of masters and disciples, which serves as a spiritual channel, and provides a delicate network of Divine Soul relationship with the master and the disciple where they share Divine Oneness of Shiva.

Mulavarga Parampara is also known as Kailasha Parampara or Nandhi Parampara, as Sri Thirumoolar, Sri Nandhi, and Lord Shiva are all Kailasha Vaasi (Residing in Kailasha).

Kailasha Nada (Lord Shiva) is our Maha Siddha and Maha Guru. Kailasha Nada gave His Deeksha to Sri Nandhi, who is our Paraparaguru Guru. Sri Nandhi gave His Siddha Light to Sri Thirumoolar, our Parameshti Guru.

Down the line, our Sadhguru's Guru is Sri Sivagami Om Anandi Amma, who had a direct initiation by Sri Thirumoolar. Hence she is our Paramaguru, and Sri Sivapremanandaji is Sadhguru of Mulavarga Parampara.

Lord Kailasha Nada (Shiva) - Mahaguru
Sri Nandhi - Paraparaguru
Sri Thirumoolar - Parameshtiguru
Sri Sivagami Om Aanandi – Paramaguru
Sri Sivapremanandaji - Sadhguru


Sri Thirumoolar expounded the Siddhas teachings called Thirumandhiram that have 3000 aphorisms that cover a wide field of Divine Knowledge of the Unmanifest and the Manifest creation. His education is based on realizing the Human Body as the Temple of God, consecrating Human to Divine, and sharing Divine Bliss to all Humanity through the transcending process. His Holiness claims that Shiva alone is the True Guru. He shows Shiva as Sat (eternal). He has expounded the Wisdom of different degrees of Guru that flows into the consciousness of a seeker as Direct Wisdom imparted in Silence.




Human Temple

The human mind has fallen from the knowledge of the Supermind (God's Mind), but it has all the credibility still surviving in it. Even though it is said that the human mind is limited, yet the force it can gather is unthinkable when it starts merging into cosmic Consciousness.



There are different levels of the status of the Supreme Consciousness. The final merging is the status of Siddhahood in which all becomes Supremely Shiva. It is only with the last that there can begin the complete transformation of life, mind, and body in Siddha Completeness' sense.

Care for

Mother Earth

There is a Soul that has extraordinary wisdom, compassion, and extreme spiritual power. And that is our "Beloved Mother Earth". She is a conscious, living, breathing entity with feelings and thoughts. She has sacrificed her body so that we can live here.



We have the power within us to change conditions in our lives that we are not happy with. Higher energy power will consume and transform lower ones. Energy Particles can take formations as per the vibrations that are placed in one’s field of Consciousness.


Divine Mother at the Muladhara is a portion of Shiva but in its full dynamic state and its pure essence of Shiva; thus the awakening of the Kundalini unites your Soul with Shiva. Kundalini, once awakened, brings you to experience many layers of one’s higher existence.


Open your Chakras through daily Sadhana and merge into the Divine. You must focus on allowing the Divine to influence your entire body and mind while doing the sadhana with the foothold of bringing Her Mantra to each chakra to replace older patterns with Love, Power, and Beauty.


Siddha Yoga is to open the different range of one’s inner Being and to live in it, governing his outward life through this inner Light. The seeker, at this point, doesn't live in the surface mind. In doing so, he discovers his pure Soul and its Power, which is not the mixture of the outer mental of physical elements. The more he lives in this Inner Consciousness, the more he realizes the reality behind them as a spark from the One Divine, at present, working as the seeker. The seeker learns the various movements of the Divine and learns how to live in the Soul level and purify all other parts of the body, mind, and life. There can follow the second step, an opening upwards to the descent of a higher principle of the Being.



  • I am working in a senior management position in a fast-paced work manufacturing operation, which is highly stressful and demands 100 per cent of my attention for 16 hours a day. In spiritual, I was doing my unguided seeking initially and was always confused with so many unanswered questions. Since I was initiated with Sri Vidhya Kriya and blessed with this teaching for the past three years, my life took a 180-degree turn to enhance my life and my career. Spiritually, I have very less question now, and I find the teaching as complete and perfect.

    Sri Rishee - Johor Bharu, Malaysia
  • I held on to Swami’s teachings and guidance. All I did was surrender. Swami’s teachings has given me a surreal journey. Intensifying our focus and surrendering in this spiritual path has brought me immense joy and happiness in life. He gave us tools to succeed in life, challenged us intellectually and created awareness of merging with the divine. Every perception changed, it has been a milestone of spiritual and mental evolution. I evolved and succeeded in all my endeavours, developed intuition as I merged deeper into my soul consciousness.

    Dr Subhatra Panierselvem - Klang, Malayisa
  • Great fortune to receive this Siddha knowledge and this is the rarest of rare. This knowledge is a birth right opportunity for someone to come here and contemplate the existence of one being and adhere to the mystics methodology by Sadhguru Sri Anbe Arunachalananda.

    The transformation I experience in every aspect of my life is both indescribable and priceless, and it's natural for my heart to expand to the maximum and express the profound gratitude towards the higher teaching I am receiving.

    This tradition Mulavarga has its roots from Kailasha tradition, also known as Nandi tradition, we are from this tradition have placed great truth that all human beings are One, and our God is only One.

    Nithya Seelan - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • I am blessed to have found Sadhguru during my ardent search for my life's meaning. His teachings initially were difficult to contemplate and eventually when the mind is calm, my soul understood. It was a language for the soul. My inner self discovered that I am Divine and I am That and I am limitless. Through Sadhguru's meditation, I healed and continue to heal my past pains and limitations. Much knowledge of bliss, love, gratitude and abundances unveils itself to me. I am so grateful to our beloved Sadhguru for his unceasing sharing of his wisdom and knowledge. Om Namasivaya.

    Puvaneaish Subramaniam - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • I had attended many spirituals speeches, programs and watched spiritual videos and yet I wasn’t able to get the answers to many questions in life. After attending Guruji’s workshop, my life had transformed and my questions about life force, existence and evolution were answered.

    Guruji’s profound Siddha teachings and Yogic practice had elevated me to be in constant communion with Divine Energy which had led me into higher spiritual experiences. I’m so grateful to be in the lineage of Mulavarga Parampara and to have Sadhguru Sri Anbe Arunachalananda as my living Guru is a true blessing.

    Jeya Ramasamy - Sydney, Australia


Mulavarga Siddha Deeksha Lineage